Good day, my name is Gerrit Cloete, founder of Productivity Pit Stop (1991) and more recently the Online School of Productivity.


We specialise in helping organisations that use MS Outlook to:

  • Save time and money to the value of one month’s payroll of its Outlook users – every year.

  • How?  By enabling people who use Outlook to use it as a real business productivity tool - not just for email and meetings.   

    As a result, they save 40 minutes every day, are less stressed, regain focus, and make better decisions about their workflow.  

    They get the right things done easier, faster, and better.

Our approach is based on time-proven productivity principles and works for:

  • Individuals
  • Independent professionals
  • Micro, small, medium and large companies
  • Government organisations and NGOs.

How can this be?

Aeroplanes are different in shape and size but they all obey the same principles of flight.  In the same way that individuals and organisations of any sort must adopt productivity principles to improve their effectiveness. 

Ask more than 12,000 people from over 320 companies in 12 countries who rely on our system to be more effective. Many of these people work in 67 of the Top 500 Best-Managed Companies in South Africa. They should know!

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Different solutions for different needs.

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Wishing you a purposeful, productive and fulfilling day.