Good day, from Gerrit Cloete, founder of the Online School of Productivity.


Our aim is to provide you with some of the best courses and programmes to optimize personal and team productivity in your company.

Having said that, you will know that no one really needs a drill. They buy drills because they actually need the holes produced by using the drill.

In the same way, no company  or individual really needs a course.  They want the results of using the course.  

The required results leads them to choose the best way of getting there.  

Depending on the fruit you, your team or your company wants to enjoy, you choose how high you want to climb up the Productivitree, growing in the virtual courtyard of the Online School of Productivity.

 For us, ‘productivity' means getting the right things done with as little effort as possible.  

To move "From sweat spot to sweet spot", using 8 Ways to Optimize Your Productivity

The 8 roots of your Productivitree.

Depending on high you want to climb the Productivitree, you choose how deep you want your 8 roots to grow to provide you waith a stable and strong productivity foundation that can withstand the whirlwinds of today's business environment.

All courses in this school are only available online.

Our business clients (e.g. GlaxoSmithKline, Allan Gray, Fruitways, Univerity of the Free State, Momentum Financial Services, SA Sugar Association, RCL Foods and many smaller companies) by far prefer the hybrid online learning format for their team and groups: 

  • independent self-study PLUS...
  • a structured online facilitator-led course for a group.

Why?  Because most people still prefer:

  • to be part of a group doing the course at the same time and pace in the structure of a scheduled programme.
  • direct interaction in real time with their facilitator.
  • to interact with other people in their group. 
  • to  have a sense of accountability to their co-students.



At the Online School of Productivity, that is what they get.

For individuals who prefer to work 100% independently in self-study mode, we have a suite of solutions as well.


We wish you a warm welcome, and look forward to being your companions, into and up your Productivitree.



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  • For self-study courses for you as an individual, click "Just for me".

Not sure what will be the best solution for you?

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