Good day, from Gerrit Cloete, founder of the Online School of Productivity.

The foundation of corporate education has shifted from traditional face-to-face classroom training to a variety of online modalities.

To quote Brian Busteed (Forbes, 16 May 2020):

“Any corporate education and training that can be done online will be done online, always, from this point forward. The reasons for this are simple: companies have realized they can do it faster, more effectively and less expensively online while their employees also widely prefer it too." 

At Productivity Pit Stop we now offer all our courses and experiences online in our Online School of Productivity, where the teachers never sleep.

Courses are available for business and individual application in these formats:

  • Hybrid (Self-study plus facilitated online implementation workshops for groups)
  • Self-study (100% do-it-yourself)
  • Mini-Course (Webinar plus support – 'look, listen and leverage'.  Available in Spring 2020 for our Get Productive series.)
  • Stand-alone webinars ('Look and listen'.  Available on an ad hoc basis.)


Important Notice regarding the options for Outlook Productivity

Our Outlook Productivity course is available in two options online: Essentials and Advanced.  For both options, the course content is available 24/7 for 12 months.

Essentials is 100% self-study and is the best choice for individuals who say:

  • I work best on my own. 
  • I am self-disciplined. 
  • I do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether I like it or not. 
  • I am particularly good at managing my time. 
  • I finish what I start. 
  • I have a low tendency to procrastinate.

Advanced is the best choice for those who say:

  • I work very well on my own, just like above, AND…

… I work even better and enjoy it more: 

  • If I can be part of a group doing the course at the same time and pace in the structure of a scheduled course.
  • When I can interact directly in real time with my facilitator.
  • When I can interact with other people in my group. 
  • When I have a sense of accountability to my co-students.
  • I find that this way of working gives me an even better chance of success in my online education.


For companies: Our business clients prefer the hybrid approach of Outlook Productivity Advanced because it offers the opportunity of interaction and group participation. 

It also offers a much better chance that the return in the investment can be maximised by ensuring the successful completion and implementation of the course.

Since there are many things to consider, we will co-create the solutions that will exactly meet your needs.  You will therefore see no mention of pricing and other logistical matters on the page for companies, but rather an invitation to meet for an exploratory conversation.  

All the relevant information is available on your click-through from Categories below.

For Individuals: You can choose between the Essentials and Advanced options in the categories below.  For public groups, we have one Advanced course per month. You will join a group for five live online facilitator-led implementation workshops.

Our online courses and experiences are organised in the following categories.  We are in the process of developing new courses, so it might be that you find just one course (or even none yet) in a category.


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Not sure what will be the best solution for you?

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