It works for...


..and for many small- and mid-size companies.

As you can see, people and companies if all sizes and industries rely on our system to increase the productivity of their people.  This is because our work is based on timeless and universal productivity principles.  

We stay up to date with developments but do not get distracted by the latest  flavour-of-the-month shiny object. 

The productivity principles we use as foundation for our courses are like gravity: they work for everyone, everywhere, forever - whether we like them or not. One can only choose to align one's thinking and doing with these principles or ignore them at one's own peril. 

On this page we share details about our flagship course Outlook Productivity that has morphed from its traditional face-to-face classroom workshops to a full-blown hybrid online course combining self-study and facilitator-led online workshops.

We can work together to design a custom coourse for your company.

You can also do the course on your own in self-study mode, or join a public online group to work through the material in a structured manner with facilitator-led workshops and support.  

Whatever your preferred modality, the principles and the content remain the same.  

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90-Second Introduction

Come on in...

Outlook Productivity - A Short History

Ever since the sub-title of David Allen’s book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity   caught my attention, I wanted to experience stress-free productivity.

After visiting David and his team for 3 weeks in the USA I started to implement productivity principles in my MS Outlook.  After a while, I decided to create a course to help other people achieve the same.  I called it Outlook Productivity.

The rest is history.

More than 15 000 people from more than 320 companies in South Africa (including 76 of the Top 500 Best Managed Companies in South Africa), Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and the UAE (Dubai) rely on the Outlook Productivity system to increase their productivity and keep it the improved level.

Up to March 2020 we visited corporate clients onsite and facilitated in-person workshops.

Our content has been available online as a self-study course since 2019.

We have now very successfully transformed our facilitation to a highly effective hybrid-format Outlook Productivity Advanced online course.  This simply means that people on the course get access to the online course material, do self-study AND are supported with a series of scheduled live online implementation workshops and interaction with their facilitator and co-students.  This increases the chances of successful completion of the course. We do this for in-house groups in your company, team or group.

You can choose from these Outlook Productivity modalities

  • Essentials (Self-study):  This is the "do-it-yourself" mode. People you nominate for the course work 100% independently and follow their own schedule.  
  • Advanced (Hybrid):  Independent study plus live online implementation workshops. Real-time online interaction with facilitator and co-students. Includes an online community.
  • Face-to-face workshop at your premises. For company teams/groups only, when feasible.  To discuss face-to-face possibilities, please email me.


Why hybrid and not just self-study?

It has been reported that only 5-15% of people finish an online course if they do it all by themselves.  That means up to 95% of the investment in that course goes to waste.

Apparently, most students still need:

  • the structure of a scheduled class
  • an instructor speaking directly to them
  • an instructor answering their questions directly
  • other students to interact with about each class
  • or some combination of those options or others.

Our hybrid online learning programme exactly meets these needs.

Another consideration for the staggered group sessions:   Overcoming “the forgetting curve”


It has been established that, without repetition, people retain about 20% of newly acquired knowledge (Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve).  

 That is why we offer fortnightly (free) refresher webinars on topics covered in Outlook Productivity for people who have done the course.  

 Spaced repetition is a further benefit of the group sessions delivered over five sessions.  Each session is an opportunity to review, refresh, and embed the knowledge and skills learned in the course.

NOTE:  This course is exclusively of users of MS Outlook (later than 2010) in the PC/Windows environment.

What You Will Learn

  • 1

    1. Welcome!

  • 2

    2. Philosophy, Productivity Tips, Tricks and Techniques

    • Philosophy, tips, tricks and techniques

    • Productivity Breakthrough: 8 Basic Work Habits to Rapidly and Sustainably Improve Your Productivity

  • 3

    3. Declutter your mind and increase productivity

  • 4

    4. Clarity brings power: Make your work visible and actionable

    • Using the Map For Action to drive clarity

    • See your work in progress in one window

    • Start your day proactive and in control

    • Quiz: Clarity brings power

  • 5

    5. Time-saving productivity tips in Outlook

  • 6

    6. Calendar: Manage date-specific actions

  • 7

    7. Tasks : How to manage non-day-specific actions

    • Introduction to Tasks

    • Overview of a task

    • Using categories to be more organised

    • Action reminders for Phone calls (not date specific)

    • Managing 'things to discuss' with someone

    • Delegating work: You should only do what only you can do

    • Transform your mind dump to actions

    • Quiz: Tasks

  • 8

    8. Notes : Keeping track of reference information

    • Introduction

    • Creating and finding Notes

    • Creating a Note from an email

    • Quiz: Notes

  • 9

    9. Contacts: The best place to keep person-related information

  • 10

    10. Email - Setting yourself up for email efficiency

    • Reference Mail Folders

    • Using Search Folders

    • Dealing with CC Mail (Courtesy Copy)

    • Following up without effort

    • Activating BCC (Blind Courtesy Copy)

    • Eliminate email distractions

    • Custom email notifications - be notified by request, not by default

    • Quick Steps: Organise emails with one click

    • Quiz: Email setup

  • 11

    11. Email - Turn your emails into organized actions

    • Introduction to managing your Email

    • Turn an email into an action in Calendar

    • Turn an email into an action in Tasks

    • Quiz: Transforming email to action

  • 12

    12. Building a trusted Productivity System

    • Introduction

    • Daily and Weekly reviews

    • Support: Refresher webinars; Accountability buddy

    • Quiz: Building a Trusted Productivity System

  • 13

    13. In conclusion...

    • Course review

  • 14

    14.Bonus Content

    • Bonus Content

  • 15

    15. Recordings of Online Group Sessions (HYBRID option only)

    • Session 1

    • Session 2

    • Session 3

    • Session 4

    • Session 5

What Clients Say

About Hybrid Outlook Productivity Advanced

Dr Henriëtte van den Berg
Senior Management. University of the Free State

"The combination of individual learning activities (reading and watching videos with step-by-step guidelines) reinforced by group interaction worked really well for the group. 

The participants discovered how they can use the software they already had in a more productive way.

We want to thank you for the valuable and pleasant learning experience.”


Ms. Kgadi Senyatsi
Head: Business Development

“... we enrolled 12 of the Business Development team members working from home, on the online Outlook Productivity programme so that they can exit the lockdown period with improved skills.

 The team is very excited and appreciative of the skills acquired from the training received. They enjoy the self-study supported by online group conversations”.


Prof Hesta Friedrich-Nel,
Associate Professor and Assistant dean Teaching and Learning,
Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences.

Central University of Technology

Once again thank you for exposing my group and I to an interesting and engaging learning journey on Outlook

I enjoyed the ‘hybrid’ programme as it allowed flexible time for self-study and practice

The discussion sessions added structure and helped me to pace my learning and exploring. The discussion sessions were great to confirm my own learning, explore additional methods that the facilitators shared and also to address my areas of uncertainty. 

One can say this is self-directed and collaborative learning in action

I also enjoyed and appreciate that the facilitators kept us smiling and motivated with words of wisdom during every discussion session!

I am looking forward to continue my learning during the two-weekly refresher webinars. 

Thank you again for going the extra mile for each one of us. 



Casper Steenkamp
Director: Culminit - Solutions Not Software

After I completed the survey and was going through some of the bonus content, I spotted the recommended reading list.  I have read most of those and it then struck me what the best thing about this course is:  This course bridges the gap between the theory and putting it into practice!

I remember when I was younger, I would be really frustrated after reading the self-help books because they rarely provided you with the tools to put the theory in practice.  When I originally attended the live workshop (10-15 years ago), I remember thinking that this is the best course BY FAR that I ever attended.  It is still true today!

I always felt that this course provided me with the foundation to achieve anything else.

Thanks again for guiding my team and me through this course.



What's in it for participants?

Most people – maybe you too - use Outlook only for email and meeting management. They use their Inbox as a To-Do list. They spend hours every day in their Inbox reacting to other people’s priorities instead of their own. And they believe this is just how life at the office is. How wrong they are. It does not have to be like this. After doing this course...

  • … you will save up to 40 minutes every day. And stop wasting away one month every year.

  • … be in control of your Inbox. No more overwhelm.

  • … transform chaos into order. You are in charge.

  • … leave your desk with the day’s work done.

  • … get into your bed at night with a smile on your face because everything you wanted to do that day has been done. No more “I’ve been so busy today – but what I actually achieve?”

Hear from past participants


  • What does the enrolment fee cover?

    * All versions: 12 months access to the content for all versions & invitations to fortnightly Outlook Productivity Refresher Webinars * For the Advanced hybrid version, add: Five live online implementation workshops & Email and phone support & Exclusive online Outlook Productivity community

  • Is my enrolment and login access permanent?

    You can access the course for 12 months.

  • What support do I get?

    You can communicate to instructors and co-students in every lesson - offline and in real time in the Advanced course.. You can email your instructors at any time. You will join an exclusive online open forum Outlook Productivity community. After completing the course you will be invited to fortnightly Outlook Productivity Refresher webinars.

  • Can I not just search the Internet and get the content for free?

    Of course you can. It will, however, take you a lot of time, effort, and some money, to synthesize it all into the course similar to the course you get at the Online School of Productivity. Our course does not just give you the information, but is structured so you get the transformation from your current situation to where you want to be: getting your right things done - with as little effort as possible. Also, the typical Internet solutions do not give you live support and interactive online workshops specific to this course.

  • Will this course work with my version of Outlook?

    We created the videos using Outlook 365, and that's what you will see on the course. Due to frequent updates the user interface may be slightly different. Everything you learn works on all versions from Outlook 2010 and later.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    The duration of a private in-house hybrid course is determined by the agreed schedule. Self-study takes as long as individuals want it to take. In all cases the content remains available for 12 months.

  • Can I do this on a mobile device?

    The Thinkific platform doesn't currently offer an app, but is mobile responsive so you will be able to take your course on any phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Can I apply this course in Outlook for Mac?

    Unfortunately not.

  • Is a certificate awarded?

    Yes, on completion of all modules students receive a certificate. For private in-house hybrid courses the certificate can be customised.

Your Facilitators

A wooden door Description automatically generated

As the voicemail message on his cell phone says:” If I can’t take your call I am either in a workshop or out cycling!”

Duncan’s industrial engineering background and his love of the “ooh” and “aahhh” moments when people learn a really cool trick in MS Outlook, are his inspiration and motivation in helping people use their technology in ways that make them more productive.

Was there life before the Internet, cell phones and gadgets? Duncan’s glad he missed it!

A wooden door Description automatically generated

Gerrit is a hardworking lazy guy - working very hard all the time to find ways in which to get the right things done easier, faster and better.  To achieve optimal productivity with minimal effort.

What brings him great joy is that the quality of life of every person who implements even a little bit of what they get iduring a course, will improve.

Hear from more participants...

Outlook Productivity (Companies)

Advanced? Advanced with customisation? Self-Study? Schedule?

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Thank you!

Thank you for visiting the Online School of Productivity and specifically for browsing the information about the Essentials (self-study) and Advanced (hybrid)  options for Outlook Productivity Online.

Feel free to contact me on 08 2 PERFORM (082 737 3676) or email me so I can clarify any questions or concerns you may have.

Wishing you a purposeful, productive and fulfilling day.