"This will make my life so much easier!"

That is what I hear from almost every person that attends my Outlook Productivity workshop in person or online. Here is why:

  • These tips save them (on average) 40 minutes every single day

  • They get the same result with less effort

  • Easy to learn - and to teach others

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People Often Ask...

  • I'm a Mac user. Will these tips help me?

    No. These tips and tricks are exclusively designed for PC users. Even if you use "Outlook for Mac", this will not be of value to you.

  • Will this work for my version of Outlook?

    The video clips have been shot in Outlook 365. Although the user interface might be different in your version of Outlook, the same tips, tricks and techniques still apply. And if you get stuck, help is just a phone call or email away.

  • What if I miss a week?

    Life happens! We've got you covered. You will have access to all the tips that have been released to date.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, at any time you no longer find value from these tips. If you have selected the single payment option, and you are no longer happy with the value we are delivering, contact us and we will refund you for the remainder of your 12-moonth period.

  • Can I get all 52 tips at once?

    No. The tips are released weekly so you have the opportunity to practice it before the next tip is released.

  • Can I contact someone for help?

    Yes, you have direct access to my phone and Inbox. Happy to help!

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