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A day in the life of a typical (unproductive) Outlook user.

Most people – maybe you too - use Outlook only for email and meeting management. They use their Inbox as a To-Do list. They spend hours every day in their Inbox reacting to other people’s priorities instead of their own. And they believe this is just how life at the office is. How wrong they are. It does not have to be like this. After doing this course...

  • … you will save up to 40 minutes every day. And stop wasting away one month every year.

  • … be in control of your Inbox. No more overwhelm.

  • … transform chaos into order. You are in charge.

  • … leave your desk with the day’s work done.

  • … get into your bed at night with a smile on your face because everything you wanted to do that day has been done. No more “I’ve been so busy today – but what I actually achieve?”

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90-Second Introduction

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What You Will Learn

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  • 1

    1. Welcome!

  • 2

    2. Philosophy, Productivity Tips, Tricks and Techniques

  • 3

    3. Declutter your mind and increase productivity

  • 4

    4. Clarity brings power: Make your work visible and actionable

    • Using the Map For Action to drive clarity

    • See your work in progress in one window

    • Start your day proactive and in control

    • Quiz: Clarity brings power

  • 5

    5. Time-saving productivity tips in Outlook

  • 6

    6. Calendar: Manage date-specific actions

  • 7

    7. Tasks : How to manage non-day-specific actions

    • Introduction to Tasks

    • Overview of a task

    • Using categories to be more organised

    • Action reminders for Phone calls (not date specific)

    • Managing 'things to discuss' with someone

    • Delegating work: You should only do what only you can do

    • Transform your mind dump to actions

    • Quiz: Tasks

  • 8

    8. Notes : Keeping track of reference information

    • Introduction

    • Creating and finding Notes

    • Creating a Note from an email

    • Quiz: Notes

  • 9

    9. Contacts: The best place to keep person-related information

  • 10

    10. Email - Setting yourself up for email efficiency

    • Reference Mail Folders

    • Using Search Folders

    • Dealing with CC Mail (Courtesy Copy)

    • Following up without effort

    • Activating BCC (Blind Courtesy Copy)

    • Eliminate email distractions

    • Custom email notifications - be notified by request, not by default

    • Quick Steps: Organise emails with one click

    • Quiz: Email setup

  • 11

    11. Email - Turn your emails into organized actions

    • Introduction to managing your Email

    • Turn an email into an action in Calendar

    • Turn an email into an action in Tasks

    • Quiz: Transforming email to action

  • 12

    12. Building a trusted Productivity System

    • Introduction

    • Daily and Weekly reviews

    • Support: Refresher webinars; Accountability buddy

    • Quiz: Building a Trusted Productivity System

  • 13

    13. In conclusion...

    • Course review

  • 14

    Bonus Content

    • Bonus Content


Outlook Productivity Essentials Self-Study

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Bonus Material

Apart from access to the course you also get...

  • Live Online Q&A Sessions (Value R1850 per annum)

    Join a 30-minute online Q&A session (15:00 SAST on Zoom) every second Friday. Bring your questions and get answers in real time. You can join just for your question or stay to hear other's questions and solutions.

  • Private Outlook Productivity Essentials community (Value R1300 per annum)

    You receive complimentary membership of the online community of like-minded people who also want to improve their productivity. You can connect freely, ask questions and give answers to other members.

  • For you to download (Value R450)

    *Course manual for easy reference *Map For Action to keep with you as you process email *Personal productivity checklist *8 Basic Work Habits to Rapidly and Sustainably Increase Productivity PDF

What happy customers are saying...

A wooden door Description automatically generatedCedric Pila

I learned so many new things about a program I use every day.  Don’t ever think you know everything about something; there’s always more to learn!

A wooden door Description automatically generatedClaire Lees

I can already see the time this will save me – and also how it will help me to “keep up with” and not miss important items.

A wooden door Description automatically generatedDeidre de Vos

My emails and planning of my tasks are going to be so much smoother and less stressed. Informative, mind changing, an absolute must!

A wooden door Description automatically generatedGerhard Germishuis

It changed my outlook on Outlook from a tool that controlled me to something I can control in a positive way to make my everyday life easier.

A wooden door Description automatically generatedDena van den Bergh

I found the course really worthwhile and essential in supporting success especially in this age of digital distractions and email clutter.

A wooden door Description automatically generatedSonto Thusi

It's a really great way to structure your work life.  Very informative and easy to action.


Choose your preferred payment option and get started right away to rapidly and sustainably improve your productivity, or scroll down for the last bit of information. VAT does not apply to online purchases.


  • Do I get a certificate?

    Yes, on completion of all modules you will receive a certificate of completion.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    That's entirely up to you and how you wish to schedule the course. The total duration of the video content is about 2 hours.

  • Can I do this on a mobile device?

    The Thinkific platform doesn't currently offer an app, but is actually fully mobile responsive so you will be able to take your courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Can I apply this course in Outlook for Mac?

    The short answer is 'no'. We are looking into the possibility of creating a Mac version.

  • Will this course work with my version of Outlook?

    We created the course videos using Outlook 365, and that's what you will see on the course. Because this course is based on principles of productivity, you will be able to apply all of the tips, tricks and techniques apply to all versions from Outlook 2010 and later.

  • What support do I get?

    You get supported at various levels. You can communicate to instructors in every lesson, albeit it not in real time. You can email your instructors at any time. You will be invited to join an international group of "Outlook Productivity" alumni in a secret group on the Mighty Networks, owned and managed by the creators of this course, Productivity Pit Stop. This is NOT a Facebook group.

Your Instructors

A wooden door Description automatically generated

Gerrit is a hardworking lazy guy - working very hard all the time to find ways in which to get the right things done easier, faster and better.  To achieve optimal productivity with minimal effort.

What brings him great joy is that the quality of life of every person who implements even a little bit of what they get during a course, will improve. 

A wooden door Description automatically generated

As the voicemail message on his cell phone says:” If I can’t take your call I am either in a workshop or out cycling!”

Duncan’s industrial engineering background and his love of the “ooh” and “aahhh” moments when people learn a really cool trick in MS Outlook, are his inspiration and motivation in helping people use their technology in ways that make them more productive.

Was there life before the Internet, cell phones and gadgets? Duncan’s glad he missed it!

(NOTE: If you would like to join one of our public Outlook Productivity Advanced online facilitator-led courses, do not make payment now. Click here to let me know and I will contact you. - Gerrit Cloete)


Choose your preferred payment option and get started right away to rapidly and sustainably improve your productivity. VAT does not apply to online purchases.

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